Would you walk across hot coals for Peter?

All images in article used with permission from Peter and his family


11 year old Peter lives in Chinley, a small village in High Peak. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. This is one of the most difficult childhood cancers to treat, with a very high risk of relapse. Peter’s initial tumour pressed on his spinal cord, leaving him with no movement or sensation in his lower body. A second more recent growth is located on his skull.

In the thousand days since his diagnosis, Peter has endured 13 cycles of chemotherapy, 6 cycles of combined chemo/immunotherapy, 2 courses of radiotherapy, 14 operations, 6 blood/platelet transfusions, over 200 nights in hospital and much, much more. The family has almost exhausted all of the options currently available through the NHS, and are now considering alternative life-saving treatments only available abroad. This is expensive so #TeamPeter started fund-raising in July.

Buxton’s first ever firewalk

Saturday 11th December will see Buxton’s first ever firewalk event at Buxton Riding School. The event is being overseen by Scott Bell, twice Guinness world record holder for the longest firewalk. Fearless members of the public are asked to find £100 of sponsorship to walk over hot coals for Peter. For those of us who prefer to keep our shoes on, it should also be a good night out – there’s a bar, hot food and music too.

Full details and registration for the firewalk can be found at http://teampeter.uk/firewalk/ 

All the money raised will go to a High Peak charity created to fund Peter’s future treatment. His spirit and tenacity throughout has been astonishing. He has made amazing progress with his spinal cord rehabilitation, regaining strength and independence and has remained an active child between all the treatments. He is a scout and enjoys many different outdoor activities including camping, hand-cycling, kayaking & swimming. Recently, he has taken up WCMX (a sport in which wheelchair athletes perform tricks adapted from skateboarding & BMX) and loves visiting local skateparks to practice his skills. 

‘He inspires everyone’

His mother, Mandy, is so proud of him. 

“In the last year Peter has, despite all the cancer treatment, continued to grow in strength and independence. He is a determined, resilient young boy who has never once asked why this has happened to him but has instead pushed himself to achieve things that have amazed us and made us so incredibly proud. It is rare not to see a smile on his face and he inspires everyone whose life he touches. His spinal cord injury is not holding him back, only the cancer is.”

The local community in the High Peak has really pulled together to support Peter’s campaign. His friends and supporters have already raised an amazing £70,000 since beginning in July. His friends and classmates have also been busy with sponsored walks, cycle rides, swimming challenges, carwashes and even an 80 foot free drop abseil. 

Click here to help

Everything you want to know about Peter, his diagnosis and treatment can be found here. And if you would walk over hot coals yourself to help Peter, click here.

See you at the fire pit!

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