The Door Named Number Ten

The die is cast, the deal is done
The virus covid set to run
Its course o’er rough and ready jokes
Of plaintiff minister’s plaintiff cry
Be my judge –
hedge your bets to live or die

Who are you that ask so loud?
So quarrelsome
You will be cow’d in ditch cold, dreary, bare
A hand raised in assembly of almighty lords
Your rulers

No kith and kin found here

Stern gaze turned to stare
Daring that you go there
To open door heavily barred from eyes that pierce so gladly

It creaketh open sovereign lord in spite of self
The weight it bears its hinges cannot hold
The chilling blast that runneth through this hall
Has wrenched from stupor its burdens to be told
See now yonder –

All stood aghast

There in valley lying
 A child of covid dying

Screaming wind and rain
Pestiferous flies again!
Thunder, lightning hid from view
Slammed shut the door we all knew
Blackened, shiny, gold brassed
The door named number ten
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