Latest news: ‘unabashed cultural conservative’ Ben Bradley elected to equalities committee

Mansfield today is waking up to the stunning news that their headline-hunting MP, Ben Bradley, has been appointed to the Women and Equalities Committee in the House of Commons.

We’ve put together a Top ten of his greatest moments to remind everyone what a perfect pick he is for this post.

  1. In 2018 he was suspended from the Conservative party for remarks he made in 2016 defending a councillor who had shared a string of anti-Muslim memes on Facebook. Naturally, his membership was restored in 2019.
  2. He wrote to the Premier League to complain about the decision to put the Black Lives Matter logo on the back of footballers’ shirts.
  3. He has used the Nazi antisemitic trope ‘cultural marxism’ on more than one occasion. Most recently in an open letter to the National Trust but also on Twitter (back in those innocent days before he dumped Twitter for the erudite delights of Parler).
  4. He has repeatedly whined that white men do not get enough of a break and called for a ‘Minister for Men’.
  5. He has either avoided or voted against legislation promoting equality and human rights, including abortion and same-sex marriage.
  6. He has expressed concern that the UK will drown “in a vast sea of unemployed wasters” if certain types of people have too many children and pointed out that “vasectomies are free.”
  7. He’s cool with police brutality and has encouraged officers to ‘splat the chavs’ with water cannons.
  8. He pushed back against Marcus Rashford’s free school meals campaign, supporting the idea that vouchers given out in his constituency go straight to crack dens and brothels.
  9. Ben Bradley feels that public sector workers moan too much about pay and conditions. 883 health care workers have died since the beginning of the pandemic and this week, the budget has limited NHS pay rises to 1 per cent.
  10. He doesn’t feel the need for unconscious bias training and has refused to do it. Fair enough really, his bias is not remotely unconscious. He’s out and proud about it.

Mr Bradley will be a notable addition to the Women and Equalities Select Committee. There seems little doubt that Tory MPs knew exactly what they were doing when they put him there.

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