I will not hesitate

I will not hesitate to hesitate

I will roll-out our roll-down

I will blather on incessantly

absolutely go to town

there’s nothing more important than to act without delay

in this on-going crisis after festive shopping won the day

and with the rapid variants mutating as we speak

decisiveness is paramount, strong action will I seek

our NHS fights valiantly, our military pushes on

journalists ask a question, look up, and oh! I’ve gone!

I’ve had to rush away chaps

I’m as busy as a bee

protecting absolutely, absolutely is the key

I’m considering all my options, I’m hedging all my bets

I’m choosing the right moment when we’re absolutely stretched

I hate to be a kill-joy, I long for salad days

I didn’t come to Downing Street expecting roughshod ways

In every precious moment it absolutely is the case

that those long gone before me urge a doubling of my pace

thus while I speak jealous time sings a siren song

“carpe diem, carpe horam

less of all the flap

get on with the day job

and stop speaking so much crap”

so now that things are really bad

I’ll be as clear as clear can be

I will not hesitate to hesitate

and then I’ll wait and see

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