Derby public health director breaks ranks with national guidance

Derby’s public health officer, Robyn Dewis has issued letter to schools in Derby:

This comes after weeks of Covid-19 case numbers see-sawing up and down according to the Zoe Covid Study, with some schools’ pleas for parents to mask-up ignored, many shops and malls with barely a mask in sight, and sanitiser dispensers often empty. 

This break with national advice comes as central government says there is no problem with Plan A and no Plan B (there isn’t really a plan A, for that matter). 

We are told by a local councillor that the health chief has autonomy over such letters, but we also note that this is a Tory-run council and a source tells us that there was no sign of any objections by Tory councillors. There may be trouble ahead for a central government unwilling to act if Toryshire sees local health services and school overwhelmed.

Dr Dewis asks for help from head teachers, but is also pleading with parents to help to reduce spread’ so that by working together we can keep our children in school over the winter.’

It’s a common sense plea to help each other. 

The key measures introduced in Derby are to ask parents to wear masks when collecting children and for children to have home tests twice a week, while the letter also notes, ‘We are also seeing an increase in other infections and expect flu to begin in the next few weeks.’ – a clear sign that the NHS is likely to be stretched to breaking point if it is not already. 

Perhaps local government is about to take back control … from Westminster?

Dr Robyn Dewis talking about COVID in June 2021.

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