Coothie Row

PierreSelim -Luke Burgess introduces the ball into the scrum.Date Taken on 13 November 2011, 17:30:08
CC BY-SA 3.0

coothie row

syne rangle’d rout

sock-eyed thick’it

aye – on tae victory

see the crush’it gimmer red

feel the star puls’d trummel’d head

yon lone ranger gallopin’ ahead

ball tucked firmly under –

quick stride one! two!

round waist arms threw

torso sprawlin’, squirmin’, rollin’

bodies pilling o’wer  –

thump the turf wi’ puckle’d hard rubber

grasp and spin it, send it lower

down the rank and file

finding streaky, rabid runner

swervin’ past a geet big skunner

to fly it over line  –

one handed down it hits the ground

aye – on tae victory

we have no bows, nor guns nor arrows

we wear not armour nor face canon barrels

warrior is not a term we’d use

in the gentleman’s game that leaves you bruised

‘but all in all it’s ’bout the fight

the will to win and win it right

to thunder on until the end

rush and scramble for fellow men

a pack’s a pack long after whistle blows

and those fairly thumped are never foes –

Ah rugby! The game for mighty men!

Six Nations you’re back and thanks for that

midst tightened days and nights

this waiting game pandemic –

but you’ve been let loose

to wreck havoc on studded boots

release the angst we all do feel

roaring full pelt at digital reel

lively pictures bringing it home to us –

the classic coothie row

syne rangle’d rout

sock-eyed thick’it

aye – on tae victory

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