Confused Assemblage

Picture by the author

to say an understanding bonne soirée
cares caress time’s well-worn test
ripening to full blown joie de vivre
bright streak of resurrection dawn
look on Easter morn; see
t’wards winding route south-east

strange pathways can be found
where there is wilding growth
through distance blue
untangling unintentional rebut –
to cover ground, creased, ivy-bound
so now is asked for long repas

I am no fair-weather friend
or stranger in times of strife
when lessons learnt are lessons earnt
but such is life –
journeys into foreign land
things that might have had their day
things protective silence threw away

Je m’demande?

drinking question’s distinctive vintage
taking plunge into linguistic lineage
re-visiting memorial cinematic image

wither thorns from roses grow?
whether to break horticultural spell
only time will tell –
of whose variety I knew not
awareness of tight-lipped bud
smile that lingers into long hereafter
your face lights up with laughter

confused assemblage
that was you and me

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