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Does Labour represent us on Proportional Representation?

Mark Cunliffe

For those of you that were hoping that the Labour party represented one person/one vote, I hate to break it to you that this is not the case. Conference votes against Proportional Representation At the Labour party conference on Monday night, delegates voted on a motion that would have committed the party to changing the […]


Ann C Holland

Ann Holland takes another day trip, this time to Chester (or Deva Victrix to the Romans)

The Lost Opportunities List

Cliff Mitchell

Since 1 January 2021 the European Union has not stood still. It continues to offer new opportunities, funding and benefits to its citizens and businesses that we, in the UK, are now excluded from.

Shang-Chi movie review

John Tenido

John Tenido review of the Shang-Chi movie and its links to ten rings and the rise of Asian input and influence.


Ann C Holland

We learn from Tokyo art and sport are powerful unifiers, shining light on what we share and helping generate common understanding.

Supply chain

Carry on abroad?

Bryan Manley-Green

Carry on abroad as Liz Truss announces list of jobs for the boys as International Trade Envoys with no skills for the job.