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Launder my Lies

Shirley Martin
launder my lies

Ann Holland writes the poem launder my lies which is about government corruption and lies and uses a washing machine as a metaphor.

A tree for Eurovision

Bryan Manley-Green
A tree for Eurovision

Bryan Manley-Green encourages us to not put away our tree just yet, but festoon it with flags, sit back, and enjoy being a true global citizen

In the Green Zone: an activist at COP26

Jayson Winters
Cycle in front of sign post showing East Klbriide 8 miles and Strathaven 4 miles

Jayson Winters (JW) interviews Jennifer Plummer (JP), a green activist who travelled to COP26 to volunteer in the Green Zone.  JW: What involvement / interest have you had in previous COP events? JP: I was interested in attending the Copenhagen COP15 in 2009, to make a noise on the streets. I can’t quite recall why […]

It’s not easy being green

Meg Gain
It’s not easy being green

At the U.N. Boris Johnson quoted Kermit the Frog and contradicted him, saying it is ‘easy to be green’. I beg to differ. Sometime in the 80s, we visited the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Wales and took note of their innovations and forward thinking. We read Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore […]

Hiking the Enchantment Lakes of North Central Washington State

Scott Weigle

In October, I was in the Enchantment Lakes. This region, nestled within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, is one of the most pristine and picturesque spots in Washington State. Despite a daunting mountain pass and a trail that traverses miles of granite boulders, the journey is well worth the effort to view a string of azure […]

Review: WOLK MUSIC by Grant Sharkey

Jayson Winters
WOLK MUSIC by Grant Sharkey

Grant Sharkey is an ultra-prolific double bass-playing funny troubadour. In 2013 he set out to release and tour two albums every year for twenty years – November 2021 sees the release of ‘Wolk Music’. Armed only with his double bass and his razor-sharp political wit, Grant has carved his own path through the music industry […]