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Free school meals

Anna Girolami

The free school meals saga chunters unedifyingly on. Yesterday, social media was full of debate about what exactly was being provided in the £30 food parcels that an eligible child receives once every two weeks. High profile celebrity activists such as Marcus Rashford and Jack Monroe have yet again been asking the awkward questions that never seem to occur to th

An interview with Anna Bird (CEO European Movement UK)

Carol Weaver

1. How good is the new deal with the European Union (EU)? The deal is a bad deal for Britain. It is hard to think of a non no-deal outcome that could have been worse. The brutal reality of what we have lost compared to what we had is best laid out in these charts. […]

Two tiers in a reformed EU

Carol Weaver

What seems like many years ago, in the year 2016, I wrote about how we might make the most of leaving the European Union (EU). At that time (late June), it did not occur to me that the referendum had been illegal, and we could campaign for it to be rerun.   So, it seemed […]

Dear Conservative backbenchers…

Anna Girolami

Under cover of both the pandemic and Brexit, the government has already given itself the ability to make laws with only nominal parliamentary involvement, in other words without asking you.

Lockdown 3

Anna Girolami

Mr Johnson hopes that “with a fair wind in our sails” the vaccination will have been offered to the top four priority groups by the end of the lockdown. Even his own words betray that the likelihood of this being achieved is frankly remote.

Poverty, deprivation and inequality in Tory Britain

Susan Nathan

Mr Johnson, the time has come for you to step out of the cosy bubble of denial in which you exist. It is the citizens of this nation who gave you power based on your election manifesto. We expect you to make decisions that are beneficial to all, not just one section of society

Boris’s disappointing Christmas present

James Lindsay

Brexit has tested to destruction the limitations of devolution. It could and should have been different. Scots will rightly ask why the special arrangements accorded to Northern Ireland cannot be granted to Scotland which also overwhelmingly voted to remain part of the EU.

Part of the main

Jenny Kartupelis

A reflection on John Donne’s Meditation No 17 No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less As Big Ben chimes the new year inThe Ode to Joy’s still ours to sing! We’re part of […]

What to say anew this boxing day

Shirley Martin

What to say anew this boxing daywith presents already goneand voices stretched, strained, long drawn outthose well-known grooves so thinly worn St. Stephen knelt and prayed aloudthat forgiveness might be foundby those who midst the clatterheard only rain of stone There was no music therethere was no soft fall snowflake airthere was no hush of […]

Government wrong to say back to ‘normal by Easter’

EM Bylines Team

A letter signed by 48 MPs, peers and clergymen has been sent to PM Boris Johnson. It expresses concern that last week’s National Audit Office (NAO) report on vaccine roll-out ‘contradicts’ government claims that the UK will be ‘back to normal after Easter’.

Remaining optimistic in Rutland despite a sticky wicket for farming!

Andrew Brown

Cricketing image?
I am a farmer and a keen cricketer (though not a high standard player by anyone’s account). I love playing the game and find all its nuances and foibles fascinating but right now, there are certain cricketing analogies I’d like to draw with the situation this country finds itself in.

The Excluded – 3 million UK taxpayers

EM Bylines Team

These are often entrepreneurial individuals who take risks to create and establish new businesses or individuals who have no option but to work in a freelance capacity, such as performers and many others associated with our vital arts sector.

Blood on their hands

Anna Girolami

Jason Evans is the founder of the Factor 8 campaign group. His father died in 1993 when Jason was only four years old. For years, he has been trying to find out exactly what happened.

Wellingborough letter

EM Bylines Team

At PMQs today Keir Starmer referenced a Wellingborough Tory party newsletter. EM Bylines has obtained it and would like to share a little with you about Tory party recommended tactics to fool gullible people in a Trumpian way.

The East Midlands still says NO to no deal

EM Bylines Team

A new poll shows 2 out of 3 voters want a good deal with the European Union (EU). They do not want a no deal or what Boris Johnson calls an ‘Australian style arrangement’. The whole country says #no2nodeal.