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Rewarding the ruthless: capitalism and psychopathy – a perfect marriage?

Den Cain
Capitalism and Psychopathy

Climate change is hurling the planet towards oblivion, yet investors continue to finance “dirty” industries. Politicians introduce only relatively minor measures to address the crisis. Industrialists push ahead with environmental destruction in the name of profit – in spite of the fact their own children and grandchildren will be among those to bear the most severe consequences.

Don’t let the Tories stop dissent

Richard Hall

Have you ever organised or joined a demonstration over something you felt strongly about? If the new Policing Bill being rushed through Parliament this week comes into law, in the future you could find yourself facing a jail term of 10 years if you do.Why? The reasons are set out by Chris Daw QC in […]

In terms of the monarchy, there is a way we can have our cake and eat it

Stewart Tolley

It has not come as a surprise but with the recent revelations about the monarchy, the republicans are having a field day.  #Abolish the Monarchy soon began to trend on twitter. Republic, the main lobby group for UK republicans tweeted with glee: “The monarchy has just been hit by its worst crisis since the abdication […]

The conversation men should have with each other

Simon Ferrigno

When I was 16, I witnessed a sexual assault. At school, of all places. This was in the 1980s, early on. I knew this was wrong but I had no idea how to deal with it. There were several of us around, mostly male. Most of us were probably as uncomfortable as I was. A slightly older boy grabbed a young woman who was passing by, touched her, pushed her. Laughing. Said she was asking for it.

Whisper who dares

Anna Girolami

We will have no recourse when the police silence us. No-one will have to resign or explain.

11 days ago, Sarah Everard disappeared in Clapham at about 9.30 pm. She was walking home from a friend’s house.

Vauxhall Motors

Ann C Holland

The company owner now is Stellantis, a merger of Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot. The plant could be left empty. They could go for an electric car but the future looks as grim as it has for some time. Just in time supply chains won’t necessarily work with Brexit and Covid-19.

Why the Electoral Reform Movement Needs Nigel Farage

Stewart Tolley

Like many of my fellow Britons, I love a good pub quiz. I think back fondly to the pre-pandemic era when I was able to see my friends weekly for a chance to name obscure capital cities or try and eke out a song title from listening to music over a crackly speaker system. My […]

There’s something about Nadine

Anna Girolami

In this week’s furore over NHS pay, Nadine Dorries is front and centre again. Whenever the government needs someone to loudly defend the indefensible (in that tricky two day gap between announcement and U-turn), they invariably send Nadine over the top.

‘None are safe until all are safe’

Anna Girolami

Building healthcare resilience against future pandemics Yesterday, shadow health secretary and Labour MP for Leicester South, Jonathan Ashworth gave the keynote address at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) webinar on building healthcare resilience. Central Bylines was on hand to take notes and put together this summary. Unprecedented not unpredictedThe Covid-19 pandemic may be […]

The End of the Line?

Richard Hall

Dysfunctional families have long been the bane of sections of the British media and society – hated for their anti-social ‘f*** you’ behaviour, their casual attitudes towards marriage, their dependency on state handouts and the sometimes very disreputable characters they associate themselves with.

Here’s to an Independent Scotland

John King

A fearsome battle is brewing over the future of Britain. On one side the UK Government, the majority of the press, and the entire British establishment, tacitly backed by the royals. On the other side, Nicola Sturgeon and her fellow Scotttish warriors. Their cause is just, their passion strong, and I wish them well.  If […]

Latest news: Derby asylum seekers in squalid Serco accommodation

Anna Girolami

In Derby, a property that houses asylum seekers and run by Serco – yes, that Serco – is in such appalling condition that the city council is arranging an urgent inspection. According to the Guardian, photos show missing ceilings, an unusable shower full of rubble and with cracked or missing tiles, rusted pipes and walls […]

A Sense of Identity: National Identity and the coming Census

Cate Earnshaw Dudley

Every decade a census is taken in England and Wales. This snapshot of all people and households gives information to help plan resource allocation, and will help future historians understand us. This year, there is a lot of chatter on social media asking the question ‘Do you feel European?’ with speculation whether we should, or […]

The Prehistory of Brexit

Simon Ferrigno

Humans all come from the same stock, the same place, the same gene pool. We so-called modern humans (Homo Sapiens[1]) all have common ancestors, all the way back in the mists of time, coming from the Great Rift Valley of Africa. All except a few – in their own opinion, that is. They believe they […]

Coothie Row

Shirley Martin

coothie row syne rangle’d rout sock-eyed thick’it aye – on tae victory see the crush’it gimmer red feel the star puls’d trummel’d head yon lone ranger gallopin’ ahead ball tucked firmly under – quick stride one! two! round waist arms threw torso sprawlin’, squirmin’, rollin’ bodies pilling o’wer  – thump the turf wi’ puckle’d hard […]

The great assembly

Stewart Tolley

James I is in many ways a monarch you would not want to emulate, an absolutist tyrant who believed in witchcraft and the divine right of Kings. However, when he came to the throne he understood the need for renewal and radical change, the need for symbols of the new kingdom he wanted to build. […]