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Supply chain

Carry on abroad?

Bryan Manley-Green

Carry on abroad as Liz Truss announces list of jobs for the boys as International Trade Envoys with no skills for the job.

Decline and fall of Brexit Britain

John King

Brexit can be compared to a slow puncture or a slow virus, silently producing progressive damage without triggering the expected degree of protest. But if we have the courage to challenge Brexit’s deceptions and misconceptions, eventually the tide will turn. Brexit as a slow puncture or virus The noted commentator Professor Chris Grey, in his […]

Supply chain

Britain’s supply chain crisis – the battle for our booze

Anna Girolami

Is there really going to be a battle for our booze? We love it, don’t we? Whether we’re out on the lash (hey kids, always drink responsibly) or hunkering down in front of Call The Midwife with a warming glass of Malbec, I don’t think anyone would try and deny that we love our booze. […]

Racism in England is systemic says UN report

Ann C Holland
Racist Britain

The civil society report to the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UNCERD) is dear to my heart. Curated by the Runnymede Trust, it was submitted by a coalition of over 100 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and is a report to the United Nations (UN) on race and racism in England. The […]

Dad’s Covid Army

Richard Hall
Dad's covid army

The battle against Covid increasingly resembles a rather bizarre episode of Dad’s Army mocking the idea of British genius and resolve.

Supply chain

EU haulage firms now avoiding the UK

Anna Girolami
EU Haulage

One of a series of articles addressing the UK’s haulage and looming supply chain crisis. Central Bylines has already written about the UK’s shortage of HGV drivers. According to the Road Haulage Association, the profession is about 100,000 drivers short. In brief this is mainly because European drivers formerly based in the UK have returned […]