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Dear Mr Zahawi

Richard Hall

Retired headteacher Richard Hall explains why he will not be taking up Mr Zahawi’s call for teachers to come back to the classroom.

My little global village

Simon Ferrigno
Seasons greetings

Central Bylines editor, Simon Ferrigno, looks back on a year when cowardice, cronyism and cruelty squandered opportunities for genuine progress

Avian flu spreads across the Midlands

Anna Girolami

An update as avian flu spreads across Derbyshire. Hundreds of birds have been culled as a highly-pathogenic strain of avian flu has been found in Stratford upon Avon, Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Yesterday’s Men

Clark Renney
Yesterdays man, carituture of Blair

Clarke Renney looks at how the Labour Party can move forward and consign yesterday’s men Blair and Brown to history

United in purpose; divided in fear

Hania Orszulik
European Movement Rally Derby

The only conflict is that which we choose to create This month the new, extended council of the European Movement UK is formed, with the ambition to build a diverse council membership, united by a common cause. What is the European Movement? “The European Movement UK is a cross-party organisation working to build closer relationships […]