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Adapting to life as a business in a third country: Aztec Oils

Simon Ferrigno

The post-Brexit transition period continues to hurt businesses across our region, with many losing orders and/or moving operations elsewhere to reduce the friction, costing our region future jobs and growth. In this new interview, we talk to Mark Lord of Aztec Oils, a specialist lubricant oil company based in Bolsover, Derbyshire, founded in 1995. It […]

Lamport Hall lambasted over lack of payment

Anna Girolami

Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire is a pretty typical, privately run stately home. It’s got painted ceilings and Neapolitan cabinets. It’s got extensive gardens and a classical frontage. It’s even got a baronet credited with introducing the garden gnome into Britain. What’s not to love? What it also seems to have is huge amounts of chutzpah. […]

The democracy myth

Cliff Mitchell

Staffordshire in the West Midlands has a population of over 1.1 million,  contains extremes of wealth, inner-city poverty and everything in between and is spread over historical market towns, rolling farmland, and post-industrial cities. Divided into twelve parliamentary constituencies, in the 2019 general election 40% of the Staffordshire electorate voted Conservative and all twelve constituencies […]

Bully at the door

Matt Turpin

The story of Carl Husted, Darren Henry MP’s constituency manager and harasser. “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.” I pull up the slide on the screen, and with this quote (much misattributed to George Orwell) conclude my presentation. A dozen teenagers, returning to the classroom for […]

Latest news: East Midland MP banned from China

Anna Girolami

Today, the Chinese government has announced sanctions against a number of UK individuals and organisations – including MP for Harbrough, Neil O’Brien who leads the China Research Group and advises the Prime Minister on policy. These sanctions are a tit-for-tat response to similar sanctions brought against a number of Chinese officials four days ago by […]

Is Northamptonshire County Council the worst run council in recent history?

Stewart Tolley

Northamptonshire is not somewhere you would expect to make world wide news. Yet in 2018 the New York Times (more used to doing an exposé  on Donald Trump’s finances than reporting on English local government) reported the headline ‘As Austerity Helps Bankrupt an English County, Even Conservatives Mutiny’. The legendary incompetence of the Conservative run […]

Nottingham’s speakers’ corner by the Brian Clough statue

David Childs

Since 2008, Brian Clough’s statue has been a popular spot for demonstrators and tourists. It stands proudly in Nottingham’s city centre just off the Old Market Square. It became the first Speakers’ Corner in the UK after an Act of Parliament in 1872 paved the way for the original in London’s Hyde Park. The site […]

Hard man Bridgen picks water fight

Martin Brooks

Andrew Bridgen MP has suggested to David Frost, the new minister for negotiating the post-Brexit Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the EU, that we retaliate against the French rejection of British shellfish exports by banning the import of Perrier water from France. He is either being frivolous with ministerial time or laughably serious. Oh Andrew […]

Latest news: Derby asylum seekers in squalid Serco accommodation

Anna Girolami

In Derby, a property that houses asylum seekers and run by Serco – yes, that Serco – is in such appalling condition that the city council is arranging an urgent inspection. According to the Guardian, photos show missing ceilings, an unusable shower full of rubble and with cracked or missing tiles, rusted pipes and walls […]

Block Party

Anna Girolami

In my East Midlands, progressively-inclined corner of the internet, I come across daily complaints by members of the public that their Tory MP has blocked them on social media.

Bamford’s Brexit donations leave more questions than answers

Sam Chandler

Since 2001, Lord Anthony Bamford and his family (who run the manufacturing company JCB) have put almost £14 million into the British political system. This included funding the Eurosceptic leadership campaigns of Iain Duncan Smith (2001), David Davis (2005), and Boris Johnson (2019) along with putting £1.3 million behind pro-Brexit groups before the 2016 referendum. […]

Æthelflæd – our lady, from Lincoln to Ledbury

Anna Girolami

Some of you may already know of Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians. More, I suspect, will not. She wasn’t somebody we learnt about at school, unlike Boudicca or Joan of Arc. I confess that I know of her mainly through ‘The Last Kingdom’ –  the BBC/Netflix adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s novels. But Æthelflæd should be […]

Latest news East Midlands MPs pushing for new coal mine

EM Bylines Team

You will have noticed, no doubt, the furore about the possibility of a new coal mine in Cumbria. This would be built (dug?) on a brownfield site to mine for coal under the Irish Sea to produce coking coal for steel-making, 85% of which would be exported. Domestically, our need for coking coal is likely […]

Latest news: Covid-19 cases rising again in the East Midlands

Anna Girolami

Levels in Rutland have doubled over the past week whilst Corby currently has the highest number of cases of any area in England. Of the 15 areas in England where cases are currently rising, 7 of them are in our region – Corby, Kettering, Boston, Rutland, East Lindsey, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

Covid-19 and health inequalities in Leicestershire

Rosie Lindsay

‘We are in the same storm, but not the same boat.’ The pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated inequalities in health. People living in the most deprived areas of the UK are more than twice as likely to die from contracting Covid-19, than people living in the least deprived areas. However, what we see now with […]

Robert Largan MP’s voting record: the whole truth

EM Bylines Team

Robert Largan, MP for High Peak, has one of the thinnest majorities in the House of Commons. According to the Sunday Times, it seems he also has one of the thinnest of skins. On the 10th January, they revealed that he has written a letter to the owner of the well-known website They Work For You, […]

Covid-19: the long road to an arts recovery

Simon Ferrigno

“our website is filling up with digital and online activities”. Some of this is work designed to be digital and interactive, and some might be made for Zoom. There is experimentation and some work that is more traditional, audio only work and also film.