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Slavery in the Midlands

Molly Woodcock

The International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, begun by UNESCO, is held on the 23rd of August every year. To commemorate this day, Molly Woodcock investigates some links the Midlands had with not only the slave trade, but also the abolition of the slave trade and slavery.

Leicester find sheds light on historic Casta paintings

Simon Ferrigno
Casta Leicester

When Leicester’s Tara Munroe, an expert in Black Heritage and director of Opal 22 Arts and Edutainment found a stash of paintings ‘ stacked by the back door at Leicester’s New Walk Museum’ in 2009, she had no idea just how important these were at first. 

Play review

From Galen to Gallstones – A review

Central Bylines Team
Galen to Gallstones

July’s Buxton Festival Fringe saw the debut of our very own Anna Girolami’s play, Laudable Pus (from Galen to Gallstones), a witty romp through the annals of medical history. The play was entertaining for old and young. In the relaxed setting of the High Peak bookstore, the highest bookshop in England, the well attended show […]

F1 sponsor to deliver a loss to Towcester?

Ann C Holland
DHL Towcester

Concerns over Formula 1 sponsor The recent British Grand Prix saw concerns raised by campaigners in Towcester. DHL, a British GP sponsor, has applied to build a massive warehouse near the historic town which could change its character, they claim. The group, No DHL at Towcester said the proposed one million square foot centre is […]

Ask Sir John Hayes where the fruit and veg have gone?

Richard Hall
Sir John Hayes

The first in our series of articles (second here) looking at the looming supply chain crisis in the UK. Sir John Hayes (Conservative MP for South Holland and the Deepings) is a stalwart of the Tory party right wing and an ardent Brexiter. At the beginning of June he wrote a piece for his local […]

Out of line – EMR axes local train services

Matt Turpin
Railway cuts

I know little about trains, and how they run. I’ve never devoted much thought to franchise agreements and I can’t get excited about livery. I’m even ambivalent on HS2, as I don’t feel I’ve had time to engage fully with the perilously complex debate. I’m loosely in favour of nationalisation, but have no idea of […]

Melton Mowbray: bypass row leaves locals behind

Helen Louise Cliff
Melton Mowbray Bypass

When councils fall out with one another in such an acrimonious way to hit the headlines one would expect them to be at different ends of the political spectrum. Not so when it comes to Melton Borough (MBC) and Leicestershire County (LCC) Councils, both Tory run, who have got themselves into a particularly bitter public […]

Blandford flies

Ann C Holland
Jeremy Clarkson

Ann Holland takes a ramble through Chipping Norton, meets blood-thirsty flies and muses on Clarkson’s farm

Leave peat where it belongs – in the ground

MJ Kellman
Peat lands need protection

Peatlands are often seen as the poor relation of the countryside, holding little if any value. Traditionally, the nutrient-poor land was drained for arable farming, forestry, and grazing for livestock. Peat continues to be extracted for gardeners and commercial growers or to be burnt as fuel. And here in Derbyshire, the practice of rotational burning […]

Cuts in UK foreign aid to East Midlands charity deprives street children in Uganda

Anna Girolami
Uganda children

A Chesterfield-based charity supporting street children in Uganda has had its only international development grant withdrawn when the government cut foreign funding from 0.7 to 0.5 per cent gross national income (GNI). S.A.L.V.E. International S.A.L.V.E. International is a Chesterfield/Ugandan charity, aimed at supporting homeless and out-of-school children in Uganda. It was founded by a group […]

Keeping up with Lee Anderson

Anna Girolami
Lee Anderson

Back in November last year, Central Bylines posted a profile of Lee Anderson which concluded that Ashfield, his constituency, deserved better than the Labour-turned-Tory-turned-antiwoke-warrior as an MP. Seven months later, we thought we’d see how he’s getting on. Is Ashfield getting a better service from its MP these days? If what you want from your […]