Picture: Ann Holland

What can the nation say to bring to pass

a reversal of the great morass into which this government is sunk?

No matter what is said and done,

no matter contracts dubiously ‘won’

there is a one-way street –

upon which walks with cantankerous claws

a procession of the unworthy

not fit for office in this country’s heights

not fit to lead, to speak, to write

the like of which we’ve never seen

en masse,

come once more to that great dividing pass

between choices good and bad

Yet seen

are they

for what they are:

poor men and women mired in tar

who’ve taken mantle of governing trust,

coveted titles, self-held

dripping brush

and upon their mutual pact relied

to uphold all that can be denied

as long as it can be denied

until deny becomes defy

trampling ‘right honourable’ underfoot in dust detritus –

that’s what this lot will be remembered for:

profiteering, affairs, deceit

pointless statements

mean conceit

for even when all is seen and heard

they continue to be that lying herd

with dirty mouths, hands, office spaces

woefully inadequate of powerful places

the brash bullies

with chameleon faces

we all know them to be –


Begone the whole ill unit!

Go! Make your money, have your fun

Go! And let not this blight of political stain rest on you and yours again

You! Who seem to know no shame

Of whom we are ashamed

For with your incompetence and greedy gain

Your nation, your families, mourn in pain

the time, long overdue, to leave

is here

is here




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