Autumn Space

A poem from Shirley Martin on the autumn space before COP 26 and the challenges faced by the world, there Is not enough time.
Picture Shirley Martin

Space to be, space for room, space for roots to grow

Space to fulfil the weals of woe, well healed wounds and grow new skin

Space to open curtains of cloth drawn tight around my eyes

Space to lift a veil of grief, scream liberty to the skies

Space to take a path not seen, a path not thought, not heard, not laid

Space to challenge briberies’ queen and refuse the invitation of her grave

Space to fling a word abroad, to speak, lament, proclaim, protest

Space to stand and standing stood, to stand again and grasp my claim to fierce rebut

I believe you not when you try to parry slippery phrases past me

Thinking you can spin plates so fast they’ll fall and crash about my ears

And by their discophany crowd out the truth they seek to hide

Distraction being the action of your whispering aide

           for which is paid costly jewels of other’s life

Smoke-screen fiend –

Perhaps you’d like to blast off in your rocket, take the invisible coins in your pocket

           into outer-space to carve your place amongst the stars?

Please do –

“We wave you good-bye with gleams in our eye,

shining bright to light the night –


Said badger, bear, pine marten, hare

           and all that frolic, hotten-trot –

“We dance in livery

Of fur and feather

Scales and leathery feet

Clad in claws upon our paws

This place our earthly home”

“Don’t come here any more

Don’t knock on forest door

Don’t walk amongst our leaves

Or look above through green canopied eaves

Don’t smell the earth, musk’en, wet, foraging floor littered humus rich”

For Autumn is the season that ought to teach nature heathen

To thank this their inheritance for breath of life –

Earth is no deity, nor sky nor star nor tree

It is just is

And that is all

Let not this our world become a pall of smoke

Smokey weather fiend –

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