Author: Scott Weigle

Scott Weigle lives on the Pacific coast in Washington, United States. He writes at OverEx-amined.Life.

Hiking the Enchantment Lakes of North Central Washington State

Scott Weigle

In October, I was in the Enchantment Lakes. This region, nestled within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, is one of the most pristine and picturesque spots in Washington State. Despite a daunting mountain pass and a trail that traverses miles of granite boulders, the journey is well worth the effort to view a string of azure […]

Untangling the U.S. Senate filibuster: Part 2

Scott Weigle
Filibuster stops legislation

The average citizen cares nothing for the arcane rules of senate procedure. The behind-the-scenes “sausage-making” and endless maneuvering that goes into passage of a bill is only fascinating to politicians, journalists, and Twitter addicts. Citizens just want results that impact their lives. In[1]  Part 1, we reviewed the origin and impact of the filibuster. Today […]

How a proud American party dies

Scott Weigle

The Republican party, formed at the dawn of the Civil War and championing union, fractures while promoting conspiracies and lies. A party born in the growing urban centers of the North fades toward irrelevance in dwindling rural enclaves. A party first led by ‘The Great Emancipator’ elects one of the greatest fools to ever hold elective office.

Seeing, believing and the slow march toward justice

Scott Weigle

Who could have predicted that Steve Jobs would initiate the modern civil rights movement around the world? For humans, it always takes seeing to truly believe. That was the case during the 1960s in America, when images of attack dogs and beatings were first broadcast to television audiences that could no longer ignore the shocking […]