Author: Richard Hall

Richard Hall lives in Lincoln. He spent 37 years as a primary school teacher and head. Now retired, he can be found in the cinema.

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Dear Mr Zahawi

Richard Hall

Retired headteacher Richard Hall explains why he will not be taking up Mr Zahawi’s call for teachers to come back to the classroom.

About those Brexit benefits, Mr McCartney

Richard Hall
Before Brexit benefits: Greg Barker with local MP Karl McCartney and one of the University of Lincoln's Engineering students in 2014

The Prime Minister’s speech at the Conservative conference was big on rhetoric but had little to say of substance and people are beginning to notice. The Prime Minister’s keynote speech to the Conservative conference was a typical word salad aimed at his core support and concentrated on hammering home his new 3 word slogan “Build […]

Dad’s Covid Army

Richard Hall
Dad's covid army

The battle against Covid increasingly resembles a rather bizarre episode of Dad’s Army mocking the idea of British genius and resolve.

Ask Sir John Hayes where the fruit and veg have gone?

Richard Hall
Sir John Hayes

The first in our series of articles (second here) looking at the looming supply chain crisis in the UK. Sir John Hayes (Conservative MP for South Holland and the Deepings) is a stalwart of the Tory party right wing and an ardent Brexiter. At the beginning of June he wrote a piece for his local […]

Euro 2021 – it’s war (minus the shooting)

Richard Hall

Sport can be about harmless fun and exercise but argues it’s only when it gets competitive that it brings out the worst in people. He concludes “Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting.

Reading the room: the European Super League fiasco

Richard Hall

The European Super League is no more. Like the famous Norwegian Blue parrot, it’s bereft of life, expired and ceased to be. I’d like to imagine those behind it were thinking of it as a welcome and imaginative idea that would raise morale after a year of Covid lockdown. Instead, they were hit with a […]

Yes, we have no bananas

Richard Hall

American presidents often like to use the first 100 days of their administrations to set the tone of their presidency. As we approach the 100th day of true Brexit (that is, the end of the so-called transition period, even if not all checks on imports are still being done), it seems reasonable to apply the […]

Don’t let the Tories stop dissent

Richard Hall

Have you ever organised or joined a demonstration over something you felt strongly about? If the new Policing Bill being rushed through Parliament this week comes into law, in the future you could find yourself facing a jail term of 10 years if you do.Why? The reasons are set out by Chris Daw QC in […]

The End of the Line?

Richard Hall

Dysfunctional families have long been the bane of sections of the British media and society – hated for their anti-social ‘f*** you’ behaviour, their casual attitudes towards marriage, their dependency on state handouts and the sometimes very disreputable characters they associate themselves with.

Local government breakdown: a sign from Lincoln

Richard Hall

A minor skirmish in the ‘Culture war’ which has altered the landscape in recent years is taking place largely out of sight and mind in Lincoln, a small city which tries to punch above its weight. This skirmish is one sign of local government breakdown.

How should we remember?

Richard Hall

Memorials are a feature of the landscape. They reflect moments in time in a variety of forms. They commemorate, celebrate, inspire and educate. They enhance their surroundings. They can have more sinister purposes too, such as intimidation and the reinforcement of personality cults.