Author: Ngozi Eneh

Ngozi Eneh is a business researcher and consultant

Lone parenting in the Leicester lockdown: cyberbullying

Ngozi Eneh

Close observation might reveal some emotions like laughter, anger, upset or sadness when using their device. If your child is swift to hide their screen or device when you are close by, that is another sign not to ignore. Other signs include withdrawal from others, depression, constant closing and reopening of new social media accounts, loss of interest in people or activities, avoiding all forms of socialising, even ones previously enjoyed.

A bucketful of challenges: lone parenting in the Leicester lockdown

Ngozi Eneh

If parenting is serious business, then single parenting in a lockdown is beyond serious… “Oh dear!” Meera lamented, staring at the wall clock and glancing quickly at the state of disarray in the living room. She had spent the entire afternoon assisting her two kids in their online lessons. Meera, a single mother and international […]