Author: MJ Kellman

Leave peat where it belongs – in the ground

MJ Kellman
Peat lands need protection

Peatlands are often seen as the poor relation of the countryside, holding little if any value. Traditionally, the nutrient-poor land was drained for arable farming, forestry, and grazing for livestock. Peat continues to be extracted for gardeners and commercial growers or to be burnt as fuel. And here in Derbyshire, the practice of rotational burning […]

The need for action is now

MJ Kellman

They used to say where there’s muck there’s money and it seems this is becoming increasingly more relevant to the plastic we throw away as rubbish each year.  Of 13 billion plastic bottles used every year in the UK, only 7.7 billion (59 percent) are collected for recycling And yet empty plastic bottles can be […]