Author: Matt Turpin

Out of line – EMR axes local train services

Matt Turpin
Railway cuts

I know little about trains, and how they run. I’ve never devoted much thought to franchise agreements and I can’t get excited about livery. I’m even ambivalent on HS2, as I don’t feel I’ve had time to engage fully with the perilously complex debate. I’m loosely in favour of nationalisation, but have no idea of […]

Liberation through libation: why pubs underpin radicalism

Matt Turpin

Beeston, a suburb just outside Nottingham, was once famed for having a greater concentration of pubs than any other town in the UK. While this is a contentious claim, the town still has more than its fair share of places to meet and drink. A recent book from the renowned poet John Lucas about a […]

Bully at the door

Matt Turpin

The story of Carl Husted, Darren Henry MP’s constituency manager and harasser. “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.” I pull up the slide on the screen, and with this quote (much misattributed to George Orwell) conclude my presentation. A dozen teenagers, returning to the classroom for […]