Author: John King

John King is a retired doctor, Remain campaigner and occasional singer in pubs. Born in Birmingham and raised in Worcestershire and Leicestershire, he now lives in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Brexit and our British identity

John King
Brexit Britain

“No man is an island”, but Brexit Britain certainly is.  To adapt the words of the poet John Donne, the loss of our European friends has diminished me. I grew up in the shadow of the Second World War, when Britons stood aloof from the rest of the continent, and Germans in particular were regarded […]

Remembrance of Empires Past

John King

Video 1 There are very few things I share in common with Brexiters but a weakness for harking back to the past may be one of them. I love steam railways, 1930’s songs and classic cars. Click on the video above for a nostalgic journey back into Britain’s lost empire. “Bye bye Britannia” was written […]

Here’s to an Independent Scotland

John King

A fearsome battle is brewing over the future of Britain. On one side the UK Government, the majority of the press, and the entire British establishment, tacitly backed by the royals. On the other side, Nicola Sturgeon and her fellow Scotttish warriors. Their cause is just, their passion strong, and I wish them well.  If […]

The Question of Scottish Independence

John King

If Shakespeare’s Hamlet were here today he would no doubt have pondered the question of Scottish independence: “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler for Scotland to be a European country, or to be ruled over by Westminster?” And being Prince of Denmark, he would probably have opted for the former.