Author: Jayson Winters

Jayson Winters releases music under the artist name Eternal Planes and writes songs about daring escapes, failing to make the University Challenge final, controversial interrogation practices and remote islands.

In the Green Zone: an activist at COP26

Jayson Winters
Cycle in front of sign post showing East Klbriide 8 miles and Strathaven 4 miles

Jayson Winters (JW) interviews Jennifer Plummer (JP), a green activist who travelled to COP26 to volunteer in the Green Zone.  JW: What involvement / interest have you had in previous COP events? JP: I was interested in attending the Copenhagen COP15 in 2009, to make a noise on the streets. I can’t quite recall why […]

Review: WOLK MUSIC by Grant Sharkey

Jayson Winters
WOLK MUSIC by Grant Sharkey

Grant Sharkey is an ultra-prolific double bass-playing funny troubadour. In 2013 he set out to release and tour two albums every year for twenty years – November 2021 sees the release of ‘Wolk Music’. Armed only with his double bass and his razor-sharp political wit, Grant has carved his own path through the music industry […]

Review: James O’Brien, How not to be wrong

Jayson Winters

Many will know of James O’Brien from his national 10am to 1pm weekday radio show on LBC. To borrow one of his phrases, “depending on which football shirt you are wearing” you’ll probably either think of him as a champion of progressive politics or a patronising woke lefty.  But look back to when LBC was […]

Review: On This Day She: putting women back into history, one day at a time

Jayson Winters

Progressives are frequently accused of the desire to ‘cancel’, for example, by tearing down statues of slave traders or denying a speaking platform to those with unsavoury or dangerous opinions. During a period where the Government can’t find time to legally award and report on multi-million pound contracts, it has found time to announce its […]

Guerilla artivism: The world of @fokawolf

Jayson Winters

Art and activism combine in the work of the artist known online by the handle @fokawolf. Its unexpected appearance is part of its allure. In a post-truth world where it can be difficult to distinguish real from fake, even from the mouths of our leaders, there is nothing quite like stirring the pot a little.

Review: ‘At Home with 4 Indies’ Brian Bilston

Jayson Winters

Poetry was something I mainly read only at school. Of course there were examples of more accessible poetry from writers like Roger McGough, Pam Ayers and John Cooper Clarke, but their occasional appearances, often awkwardly slotted into a few minutes of TV time seem to have declined over the years. Recently I attended an online […]

War and order

Jayson Winters

Do we naively believe that capitalism (as currently pursued by the few, for the few) rests on a Keynesian economic system, complete with a good British sense of fair play? Do we think that capitalism is being used to strengthen our democracy?

Modern protest music: is anyone still listening?

Jayson Winters

The ‘punk movement’ of the late 1970s rose up out of a UK experiencing general strikes and cutbacks. The banning of the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen (1977) by the BBC only served to increase the appeal of the song amongst its target audience.