Author: Clark Renney

Yesterday’s Men

Clark Renney
Yesterdays man, carituture of Blair

Clarke Renney looks at how the Labour Party can move forward and consign yesterday’s men Blair and Brown to history

Confronting or erasing history?

Clark Renney

Striking a balance between confronting and erasing history isn’t easy – we must understand, but resist the urge to rewrite. Clark Renney looks at how this is being approach in the UK and USA.

Dux Mea Lux – the long shadow of Mussolini

Clark Renney

On April 28 76 years ago, a fallen national leader and his mistress were executed by partisans, having been captured the previous day attempting to flee their native Italy for the safety of neutral Switzerland as the Second World War in Europe approached its catastrophic end. The woman’s name was Claretta Petacci; and her lover, […]

It was made by men, and it could have been prevented by men

Clark Renney

An exhibition was held in 1983, in what was then West Germany, marking the ascension to power of the Nazis fifty years earlier; and I remember one of the event’s organisers being interviewed on television. He was asked why the exhibition was being staged, when so many modern Germans would rather leave their dark past […]