Author: Carolyn Thornborow

Carolyn is an elected Parish Councillor in the Soar Valley, Leicestershire and is also a lay preacher in the Methodist Church. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, travelling extensively in the USA and Europe (in person) and further afield (virtually). Carolyn is into all things “green” and is still trying to learn to crochet.

Halloween or Reformation Day?

Carolyn Thornborow

Pumpkins are appearing in the shops and some may have arrived on a doorstep near you.  Yes, it is Halloween, although whether trick or treat will be as popular this year is debatable. Halloween (more formally known as the Eve of All Souls Day) is celebrated on the same day as Reformation Day but in […]

A lawyer with courage: an interview with Lady Hale

Carolyn Thornborow

Do you recall what you were doing when the UK supreme court announced its decision on Boris Johnson’s attempt to prorogue parliament last year? His ‘do or die’ strategy to ensure the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union was meeting resistance in Westminster and he thought prorogation was a possible way past this. There was […]

A view from the street: proposed reforms to the planning system

Carolyn Thornborow

This photograph shows the first (and often only) notice that most of us ever have of a planning application in our neighbourhood. It’s an A4 piece of paper tied to a lamppost with a bit of string, at roughly the level of most people’s eyesight. But for how much longer? The authors of the government’s […]