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Sent to Coventry – for culture!

Bryan Manley-Green
Lady Godiva

Back in late June, Facebook conveniently reminded me that we’d had a lovely day in Hull when it was UK City of Culture back in 2015. Living less than an hour from Coventry, the current UK City of Culture, we thought we’d take another step out of lockdown and see what the city had to […]

Supply chain

Carry on abroad?

Bryan Manley-Green

Carry on abroad as Liz Truss announces list of jobs for the boys as International Trade Envoys with no skills for the job.

How Britain Lost Its Weigh

Bryan Manley-Green

Even though the UK has made some strides towards metrication, imperial measurements are still part of everyday life for the nation. Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with still using imperial measurements as part of everyday speech.

Updating the honours system

Bryan Manley-Green

‘The British honours system is a venerable way of honouring citizens for good work in society. It’s hard to disagree with the nation saying thank you in such a public way to someone who has made a positive difference and has been proven to be a great role model.

Breaking news or broken news?

Bryan Manley-Green
Broken News

As the leading television provider in the UK, Freeview offers a very random selection of news channels on its main electronic programme guide (EPG). The current rather paltry offering consists of BBC News, Murdoch’s Sky News, Putin’s Russia Today, and Qatari-based Al Jazeera. Seemingly no room for France 24, Germany’s DW, or Euronews.

“IDAHOBIT” day: progress for LGBT+ rights stalls

Bryan Manley-Green

t’s hard to believe that it’s just 31 years ago, on 17 May 1990, that the World Health Organisation finally declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. This important date was subsequently chosen as International Day Against Homophobia, which first took place in 2005.

Amen, Amen, it’s Eurovision time!

Bryan Manley-Green

Amen and Amen! For the first time in 65 contests, two songs with the same title might appear in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final. That’s definitely a “might” as there’s every chance that Slovenia and Austria could get knocked out in their semi-finals on 18 and 20 May, hidden away on BBC4 before the […]

LGBT+ History Month: More relevant than ever

Bryan Manley-Green

Since launching in the UK in February 2005 LGBT+ History Month has become an increasingly important time for the country to take stock of a largely hidden and multi-faceted strand of history. The UK version was set up by School’s Out,  initially to help schoolteachers but now reaching a much wider audience with events taking […]