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Supply chain

Britain’s supply chain crisis – the battle for our booze

Anna Girolami

Is there really going to be a battle for our booze? We love it, don’t we? Whether we’re out on the lash (hey kids, always drink responsibly) or hunkering down in front of Call The Midwife with a warming glass of Malbec, I don’t think anyone would try and deny that we love our booze. […]

Vauxhall Motors

Ann C Holland

The company owner now is Stellantis, a merger of Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot. The plant could be left empty. They could go for an electric car but the future looks as grim as it has for some time. Just in time supply chains won’t necessarily work with Brexit and Covid-19.

Yesterday’s Men

Clark Renney
Yesterdays man, carituture of Blair

Clarke Renney looks at how the Labour Party can move forward and consign yesterday’s men Blair and Brown to history

Autumn Space

Shirley Martin
COP 26

A poem from Shirley Martin on the autumn space before COP 26 and the challenges faced by the world, there Is not enough time.